Whether you have existing video content or you need help creating your first lesson for Haripaara, we’ve got you covered. The first thing to do is sign up to become an instructor.

We’ll help you share your knowledge and give you the potential to reach thousands of students all over the island. Together, we’ll continue our mission of brighten lives through learning.

Here’s a quick overview of the 4 steps to becoming a published instructor on Haripaara.

Plan your lessons

Pre-planning your lesson is important before you start creating your first lesson. That way, you’ll have the right context of what you’re going to teach and whom you’re creating your lesson for.
Choose your Subject.
You can teach any subject for school students. We’ll help you identify the topics that are in-demand and guide you on creating relevant lessons for your target student.
Identify your target student. It’s important to know who your lesson is for—it’ll help you identify specific learning objectives for your lessons and create lessons for a specific audience.
Decide your learning objectives and lesson structure. Pre-deciding the lesson learning objectives is critical to creating a well-structured lesson that is relevant to your target student.

Produce your lessons

Please follow our recommended steps for creating lessons from start to finish.

Select your equipment and set up your studio. Don’t worry if it’s your first time using audio/video equipment. We’ll help you set up your home studio to optimize your students’ learning experience. Learn how to set up your audio/video equipment and check a list of recommended audio and video equipment.

Submit a Test Video.  We’ve helped thousands of instructors master the process of teaching online. We will provide a Google drive link to upload your test video.

Create and practice your script. Students love passionate and interesting instructors, who keep them engaged. So you’ll create and practice your script to be prepared to keep those energy levels up!

Create and upload your final lesson video. You’ll upload your final lesson videos along with any additional student learning materials, as per your preference.

Polish your lesson

At this stage you’ll add the finishing touches to your lesson before publishing it. You’ll complete tasks like creating your lesson thumbnails, completing your instructor bio, setting your lesson price and checking your lesson before submitting for one last review.

Publish your Lesson

By this time, you’ll be almost there!

Submit your lesson for review. You’ll submit your lesson for one final review before publishing. After the final review is done your lesson will be on

Update and publish your lesson. The Haripaara Review team will evaluate your final lesson video and provide feedback if necessary. You’ll make the necessary changes to your lesson and publish it on our platform.

How to sign up with and log in to your account?

Purchasing a lesson from and how can pay?

How can learn after purchase a lesson & Benefits

Copyright policy

The lessons you publish which are for a certain price in cannot be make available for free downloading and viewing in any media such as youtube, facebook etc. But you are free to sell the particular video in any website.

If the content is created by yourself you own the copyright. But if you take information from school text book or any other media please be kind to give them (The Ministry Of Education) the courtesy.

If the content (Audio/Video) is created by the copyright ownership belongs to you and us equally. But we do not sell or distribute free of charge in any website.

Let’s follow the right path

Haripaara – හරි පාර is a online learning platform that helps students to learn school subjects.
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